30 May

Practicing the Art of Wellness 

Wellness is not a destination, it is a daily practice. Sometimes, a minute by minute struggle. Sometimes a second to second practice.  I have found in my search for inner peace and my desire to be a better human that adding pressure or  ¨I should¨ never helped anyone to be better. In fact, it just weighs us down.

Wellness is a practice. Just like a sport, just like learning a piece of music; every little bit of energy you put in, eventually comes back to support you and lift you up in times of need. It could be the smallest detail, from eating an apple everyday to drinking more water or perhaps sitting in silence for five minutes or stopping to smell the flowers once a day. 

Every moment you devote to yourself or any small amount of energy you invest in your practice, will return. Eventually, you will notice the subtle differences and that will become the fuel for you to go deeper, and explore more. 

Your path will have it´s up and downs. Start small. It´s a practice. See what the Universe is ready to reveal to you. 

Just one step,