17 Sep

Waiting for the Tide to Change

For me, this practice, personally, is one of my biggest challenges - The Practice of Waiting for the Tide to Change. 

If you are familiar with the sea, you would never think to jump in when the waves are monstrous and the wind is screaming. Why would we want to jump into the struggles of our life, when the proverbial weather is exactly the same?

It is in our nature to want to control, to be secure  - so we jump into situations and try to harness them without observing the weather or looking at the conditions of the sea. The result is that we get swept away by the waves and drown in a sea of emotions or confusion.

In the end, the notion that actually can control is an illusion. We control nothing, there is no looking glass and everything is at risk to completely disintegrate at any moment - always.  

So if we actually don´t control anything? What is the point? The point is to be conscious. Practice just watching, keep watching, try to observe. Observe the tide, without judging.

I know that need to stand back and observe the flow in my life and consciously choose when to jump in.....But ....it is not that easy, it is a practice!!

And remember, and remind yourself in times of unease, the tide WILL change, the tide ALWAYS changes... that is the only thing that is permanent.

Just take one step,